Which Personal Blender Is Better?

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In modern times, personal health and wellbeing has become a primary focus in the lives of most people.

Be it through exercise, better dietary nutrition, or through exploring self care, people are looking for ways to get the most out of their lives in a way that is wholesome, healthy, and meaningful. 

One great way that people have been able to start the day healthier has been through the release of numerous personal blenders.

But what exactly are they, and on such a busy marketplace, which ones are the best?

What Is A Personal Blender? 

In the great scheme of things, the term “personal blender” is a relatively new one.

Referring to the size of the blender, more than any specific difference, personal blenders are smaller, more compact, and are generally designed for blending smaller amounts for personal use. 

Most personal blenders are also designed for on the go use, as after blending, the blade can be removed, and the container of the personal blender becomes the receptacle from which you can drink the blended drinks. 

What Are The Benefits? 

When it comes to personal blenders, there are several benefits that make them an attractive product for a lot of people. 

Ease Of Use

Much less complicated than regular blenders, personal blenders are generally much easier to use, have less moving parts that require cleaning, and are specifically designed for on the go use and consumption. 


Personal blenders are generally cheaper than regular sized models, and their smaller size means that people who live independently do not have to buy a larger, more expensive model when they are only catering to themselves. 


Of course, the main thing that appeals to customers is the versatility of personal blenders, namely the way they can be used as storage bottles once the contents have been blended. 

This not only makes the process quicker, but also ensures less mess and receptacles to clean once the blending has been completed. 

Portion Control

The more controlled portion size of personal blenders (and their suitability to the individual) means that people on calorie, or portion controlled diets, can appropriately and accurately consume the appropriate amount of food and liquid. 

This is easier than with a regular sized blender, where extra measuring needs to be done to ensure accuracy, as well as the above mentioned hassle and mess. 

What Is The Downside? 

Of course, with any product, there are several notable downsides. 


Size can of course be a double edged sword. Whilst personal blenders are perfect for single, on the go use, they are less suited to making batches of juice or smoothies for multiple days. 

Whilst this might not be a common occurrence, people preparing healthy drinks for days away from home might find a larger blender easier, as it allows larger quantities of liquid to be blended in one go. 


Depending on the fruit or vegetables you are wanting to blend, a more powerful (and thus more expensive) model might be needed to get the job done. 

This is true of particularly hard, tough, or pulpy items, which the smaller, personal blender might not be equipped to deal with. 

Buyer’s Guide

Which Personal Blender Is Better?

Of course, when buying any product, there are things to bear in mind, and personal blenders are no different. 

The Design

Perhaps most importantly, the design of the product needs to be suitable to your needs and intended use. 

This can be separated into several categories, including shape, size, and the number of moving parts involved. 

As most personal blenders can be used as containers or receptacles, the shape is of course important.

You ideally want a more streamlined, simplistic design that is simple to carry around with you, can fit in cup holders, and can be easily held when on the move. 

This is also true of the size. Whilst it is important for the product to be big enough to hold sufficient portions of smoothies and juice, you also want them to be small enough so as not to be cumbersome when carrying them in public. 

Finally, as with any electrical products involving food and liquids, you ideally want as few moving parts as possible to avoid wear and tear and unforeseen damage.

The design should be watertight, and the inner mechanisms should be appropriately protected from any food or liquid that might drip or run down the sides. 


Of course, the price is an important consideration for most consumers, and can be a deciding factor when purchasing a product. 

One important thing to remember however, is that with certain products, price is not always an indicator of quality.

A high price name brand might seem like the most suitable choice, but this does not necessarily promise longevity and effectiveness. 

Similarly, cheaper products might not indicate poor quality, and in the case of personal blenders, as with other kitchen appliances and electronics, there are plenty of mid range products that deliver a high quality service without breaking the bank. 


When we talk about the perfect personal blender, the features we should be focusing on are motor power, blade types, and accessories. 

A stronger motor will ensure that your blender won’t burn out when tackling harder, pulpier, or sticky substances.

It will also allow you more choices when it comes to use, and the fruits/vegetables you can blend and consume. 

Similarly, the type and number of blades within a personal blender will determine the extent and ease to which the fruit and vegetables can be blended. 

Multiple blades will do a more effective job than a single blade, and will ultimately be quicker to boot.  

When it comes to products that work with food, accessories are an important thing to look for.

This can increase the functionality of your blender, allowing you to blend and crush frozen products, pulpy vegetable or fruit products, and more sticky, glucose and dairy based products like yogurt. 

Ease Of Use

In terms of personal blenders, they need to be able to be used by people of all skill levels, and should come with easy to follow instructions, attentive customer support, and minimalistic electronic controls that are simple to get the hang of. 

Our Picks

Now that you know some of the things you should be looking out for, let’s look at some of our top picks to see what the market has to offer. 

So without further ado, let’s take a look at our picks for the 5 best personal blenders on the market today, as found on Amazon.com!

#1 Ninja BN401 Nutri-Pro Compact Personal Blender

First on our list is the Nutri Pro Compact from Ninja. 

Known for their high quality products and affordable prices, Ninja have made quite a name for themselves on the consumer electronics market, and their personal blenders are some of the best reviewed around. 

Available in the tasteful, understated “cloud silver”, and with a 1100 peak watt motor, the Ninja boasts supreme cutting and grinding capabilities, more than able to pulverize the toughest ingredients in no time at all. 

The Ninja is capable of frozen and regular blending, “reducing ice to snow in seconds” and allowing you to create creamy smoothies, and frozen beverages. 

It is also suitable for making soup and sauces, with the two auto-IQ preset programs allowing you to simply set the blender without the risk of over-calculating or losing track of time. 

With minimal moving parts, an easy assembly, and a 20 recipe inspiration guide included, the Ninja really does offer convenience above all else. 


  • 1100 peak watt motor. 
  • Two easy to use presettings. 
  • Pro extractor blades. 
  • 24 ounce container with lid. 
  • Easy assembly. 
  • Affordable price tag. 
  • Minimalist design. 
  • 20 recipes included. 


  • Quite loud.
  • Heavy vibrations. 

#2 NutriBullet Personal Blender

Next on our list, the NutriBullet is perhaps the most well known personal blender on the market due to a reputation for high performance and quality, and a widespread advertisement campaign around the world. 

Available in a gunmetal gray color, and with a 600 watt motor, the NutriBullet promises you style and power, allowing you to cut and grind through even the hardest of ingredients. 

Utilizing steel cyclonic extractor blades which liquify the ingredients in moments,  the NutriBullet offers high performance, durability, and a hassle free experience to make the change to a healthy lifestyle not only simpler, but far more appealing. 

With hassle free cleaning, simple instructions, and a 1 year warranty in case anything should go wrong, the NutriBullet really places reliability and convenience above all else, ensuring you get the best start to the day, wherever you need to go. 


  • Affordable price tag. 
  • 1 year warranty. 
  • Simple, easy to follow instructions. 
  • Hassle free cleaning. 
  • 600 watt motor. 
  • Steel cyclonic extractor blades. 


  • Some manufacturing inconsistencies. 
  • Reviews suggest the airtight rings sometimes come loose. 

#3 Magic Bullet Personal Blender

Another mainstay on the market is the Magic Bullet. 

Perhaps the smallest on the list, the Magic Bullet places functionality and convenience as priorities, featuring a 250 watt motor base, cross blades, 2 lip rings for security and airtight seals, and a to-go lid for drinking on the move. 

The Magic Bullet also includes a tall cup, a short cup, and a party mug, ensuring you have the right equipment to accommodate any situation you might encounter. 

Made from high impact plastic, the Magic Bullet chops, grinds, whips, blends, and mixes, allowing you to create a multitude of different concoctions, from frozen drinks, to smoothies, to even sauces and soups. 

With a recipe book to get you started, the Magic Bullet is perhaps the easiest and quickest blender on the market today. 


  • Affordable price tag. 
  • High impact plastic body. 
  • 250 watt motor. 
  • Series of accessories and cups. 
  • Free recipe book included.
  • Spinning cross blades. 
  • Wide functionality. 


  • Less powerful than more expensive models. 

#4 La Reveuse Personal Blender

With a 300 watt motor, a 550ml blending jar, and an 18 ounce travel cup, the La Reveuse really does offer maximum portability and functionality for the low price tag. 

Strong enough to crush and grind fruit and vegetables, and capable of making smoothies, shakes, baby formula, and protein based drinks, what you get with the La Reveuse is versatility, offering high end capabilities for affordable prices. 

Able to fit in most car drink holders, this is perfect for on the go health, time spent in the gym, or long car journeys, and the safe locking function ensures there are no nasty spills and messes to clean up. 

With a rugged design that ensures longevity and extended use, this really is the real deal, and perfect for those who want to improve their daily health without compromising their time or wallet. 


  • Affordable price tag. 
  • Rugged, hard wearing design. 
  • 300 watt motor. 
  • Large blending container. 
  • Travel cup included. 
  • Widely versatile. 


  • Not dishwasher safe. 
  • Less powerful than other models. 

#5 Redmond Personal Blender

With a 300 watt motor, and a choice of three packages, the personal blender by Redmond is a great, affordable item for on the go use. 

The stainless steel body ensures durability and a long lifespan, and the 20,000 rotations per minute utilizes the steel rotary blades to crush the hardest of ingredients to a pulp. 

The 2 speed design, and pulse function means that hard and soft foods can be blended appropriately, helping to minimize the use of electricity, and make your morning routine more economical. 

With its attractive retro design and 2 free sports bottles, the personal blender by Redmond really is a diamond in the rough on the kitchen electronics market. 


  • Affordable price tag.
  • Stainless steel design. 
  • 300 watt motor. 
  • 2 speed design. 
  • Free bottles. 


  • Smaller size. 
  • Less powerful than other models. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Motor Power Important? 

Yes. A powerful motor will reduce the risk of burnout, and will make harder ingredients easier to blend. 

Are Economy Modes Beneficial?

Yes. The varying speed settings make blenders cheaper and more efficient depending on the scenario. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about personal blenders, and the best examples on the market. 

From scouring the internet, it is clear that there are plenty of options available, and that now more than ever, a healthy lifestyle is not only in reach, but widely affordable and accessible for everyone. 

You just need to read the reviews, weigh up your needs, and know where to look!


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