Moving soon? We’ve got the same tips and tricks that professional movers use!

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Ensuring Your New House Feels Like Home

Moving to a new place can seem like a daunting job, with many side tasks that can seem hard to tackle on their own.

With a proper attack plan in place you can handle a huge job like a pro.

Thus ensuring that your new house feels like home from the first day you get there.

It all starts with your old house though.

If you don’t start off on the right foot, the whole process can feel messy and your time spent moving will be unorganized and out of whack.

We want to take you through the process of packing, moving, unpacking, and turning your new house into your home.

So, sit back, take notes, and get ready to complete your home!

Even if you’re not moving just yet, the tips, tricks, and guidelines in this article serve as a roadmap through many different avenues.

So, sit back, enjoy the read, and we hope that we’ve helped you along the way!

How to Pack up your old home – Tips the pros use

No matter your timeline, packing up all your things is going to take time. So, our first tip when moving, is to start the packing process early.

Start by packing up things that you use the least, first.

This could be China you only eat off of twice a year, or that spare bedroom that no one sleeps in.

Seasonal items are a good thing to pack early as well, because amidst all of the moving, it’s doubtful you will need that ceramic Easter bunny – well at least until after the move! 

Make sure before you start you are on the lookout for free boxes.

We can almost guarantee you are going to need more boxes than you think, so check places like grocery stores and local community organizations.

Brand new boxes from chain supply stores can get expensive!

While you are packing up all your things into boxes, make sure you are also decluttering and creating a pile of things to donate.

Moving into a new house is like a new chapter in your story, so make sure you are conscious about what you will be bringing with you.

It might seem tedious, but while you are in the process of packing up everything, make sure to keep it organized.

Figure out a system that works best for you – this could be packing things up by room or by category.

Both strategies work wonders but are specific to the movers! Either way, make an inventory list and label your boxes.

Small steps like this may seem extra, but when it comes time to unpack, you’ll be glad you know exactly where everything is. 

A few quick things to remember when you’re filling up your boxes and moving truck:

  • The larger the box does not mean the heavier the stuff – fill your larger boxes with a lot of light things and save the smaller boxes for your heavier items.
  • The recommended weight limit for boxes should be about 30 pounds, your back will thank you!
  • Leave your dresser drawers full – furniture with drawers is going to be put in the moving truck regardless of if their drawers are empty, and that is free real estate for your items.
  • The same can be said for those suitcases in the back of your closet, fill those up too!
  • Use trash bags – sturdy trash bags can squish into empty spaces in your moving truck, so fill them up with non-breakable things, blankets, etc. 
  • Plastic Bags – in places of your home like the bathroom or kitchen, use recycled grocery store bags for your spillable items.
  • Toiletries and detergents might get turned over in a box and could potentially leak out. Try this tip: unscrew the caps on bottles, place your plastic bag over the neck of the bottle, and replace the lid – spill free packaging! 
  • Utilize your towels and blankets – moving blankets can get expensive to rent, so save that money and use things in your house you already have.
  • Make sure you are using pads between stacking furniture, or even wrapping up breakable pieces in a comforter.
  • Keep your hanging clothes, hanging – don’t waste boxes on your hanging clothes. Lay them flat in your car or wrapped up in a trash bag.
  • This way when you get to your new home, you simply need to hang them up in their new spot.
  • Load in sections – make sure when filling up a moving truck that you are maximizing space and loading in your stuff from the floor up, heaviest items first.

Label, label, and label again!

A trick the pros use is to label the boxes on both sides.

It might seem like a small step but when it comes time to unload, being able to figure out where a box needs to go in your new home will save precious time.

And it can also save some heated arguments with a significant other, family member, or your new roommate.

We also recommend when packing up your house and putting it in a truck, to do it by room. This will further aid in organization when you arrive at your new home! 

Moving Household AppliancesWhat Should I Do?

There’s a lot of heavy lifting involved with moving, and a lot of that can come from appliances.

These household appliances are usually much more expensive than some of the other items you’re moving, and oftentimes more delicate.

Sometimes it can be easier and a lot less expensive to leave appliances behind and get new ones.

YES! Move Your Household Appliances If..

  • They have been recently purchased or are still under warranty
  • Your new home does not have readily available appliances that will fit into place properly
  • You’re so used to the functions of your current appliances
  • The purchase agreement in your current home does not require you to leave them in place. (ex: Some home purchases include a clause to leave the refrigerator, or washing machine)

NO! Don’t Move Your Household Appliances If..

  • They are old, outdated, or the warranty has expired.
  • Your new home already has newer, better looking appliances.
  • The layout and design of your new home does not allow for a seamless installation of your old appliances without severely disrupting the floorplan and walkways.

Your Pre-Move In Checklist  

Are you ready to move to your new home, when all the boxes are packed?

Well, make sure you take some time to review your pre-move-in checklist! 

  • Before moving in, make sure you have your home inspected by a professional.
  • Moving into a new home does brings a lot of stress but you feel secured you are moving into a soundly built home, without termites or black mold can make it less scary!
  • Utilities! Make sure you have called all your utility companies you are currently with and set a date for cancellation.
  • At the same time, also make sure you set up your new house with all the necessary utilities!
  • These can include water, sewage, power, internet, cable, and anything else you may need to live comfortably in your new home.
  • Sometimes you may need to arrange a maintenance call before moving in, so make sure you allow plenty of time for those appointments. 
  • Keep a close eye on your finances. You should have already budgeted money for the entire moving process.
  • However, it can be easy to go over. Do you really need to rent the extra $30 pack of moving blankets from UHaul?
  • Get with your realtor and grab your new keys! Can you imagine going to move in, and not having a new set of house keys!
  • If you are moving with pets or children, make sure you do a final check on safety precautions at your new place.
  • This could be holes in fences or wobbly steps going upstairs – make sure you check everything! 

Unpacking Tips

You may be worrying about the time it will take to unpack everything, this will only set you up for stress!

Handle unpacking one box at a time!

Still feeling a little overwhelmed? Keep some of these tips in mind:

  • Start by making sure you put the right boxes in the right room. You won’t need your kitchen mixer and oven mitts in your master bedroom.
  • This is where labelling your boxes can save you a lot of time when it comes to unpacking.
  • If you packed an essentials bag or box, start there. Whichever room you choose to unpack first, find the most important items first and take the time to place them where you want them to go. 
  • Focus on one room at a time – this can help to overcome the feeling of overwhelmed. Start in a room you plan on spending a lot of time in.
  • Once a room is done with unpacking and cleaned, make it your resting place.
  • In the kitchen make sure you hook up major appliances before filling up your silverware drawer.
  • Also take time to tackle your pantry and unload any food you brought with you in your move. 
  • Make sure your bedrooms have a system. We recommend getting the beds assembled first and then finishing the beds by assembling the linens.
  • Having a place to sleep after a long day of moving will be one of the best things you do for yourself!
  • The bathrooms also should have a system. Moving will inevitably be a sweaty process.
  • So, having a shower curtain hung up, towels out, and soap will make those evenings something to look forward for.
  • Nothing feels better than washing off dirt and sweat after a long day! 

The timeline of unpacking your home is going to look different for each family.

While it may not be the quickest process, it definitely shouldn’t be prolonged!

All the furniture doesn’t have to be set up overnight, and some rooms won’t get tackled the first week you move in.

But taking the time to get everything unpacked will make the fun part of decorating seem so much more worth it.

How To Pick Furniture For A New House

Maybe you’ve decided that you don’t want the old furniture to come with you.

Maybe it just doesn’t look good in the new house, maybe the cat has torn it up and you want to throw it out, or maybe you just want to treat yourself to your own housewarming present.

Picking out new furniture can either be super fun or super stressful.

Some people love to get out there and make a big purchase like this.

Others will get extremely worked up over trying to find just the right piece that will go well with the new house.

We’ve got news for you: There is no wrong way to pick out furniture for a house.

It’s literally whatever you like and however you want it to look!

We will gladly give you some tips to point you in the right direction though!

  • Get A Feel For The New Place – Some might call it the vibe, or Feng Shui, but get a feel for the area and figure out what kind of vibe you want the room to give off.
  • Do you want it to feel relaxed or energized? Will warm or cool colors help? Do you want solids or shapes? There’s no right or wrong answer!
  • Build Around A Certain Object – Find a focal point for the room and try to build around it. This focal point can be a bookshelf that’s already built into the wall.
  • Or maybe you want to pick out a new rug and build the room around it. When you find a focal point and build around it, the process of finding matching pieces and colors becomes much easier!
  • Experiment With Color – Color can bring a lot of energy to a room, or it can suck the energy out of a room.
  • The right color can set, or enhance, the mood for the entire area. Play around with different colors and find what works best for you!

  • Cool Colors – Greens and blues will make the room have a calming effect on anyone who enters!
  • Warm Colors – Reds and oranges will make the room feel warm and energetic!
  • Mix Colors – Don’t be afraid to mix colors with the new furniture. Colors that are opposite hues can actually compliment each other.
  • If the room is one color, then furniture that’s a color hue on the opposite end of the spectrum may look wonderful! Mixing red and blues or orange and green!
  • Don’t Forget Storage – Unless you’re living in a mansion, you will always need more storage.
  • Even if your new house is bigger than the previous place, you will eventually need more storage.
  • Finding furniture that also doubles as a place for storage is a wonderful idea.
  • Consider Your Fabrics – Color and shapes should not be the only thing you’re paying attention to when it comes to picking out new furniture.
  • The material that the furniture is made out of and that it’s upholstered with should also be taken into consideration.
  • The right kind of fabric or material can introduce a new dimension or level of design into any room.
  • Additionally, if it’s furniture people will be sitting on or laying on, then you want to make sure that it’s comfortable, in addition to looking nice!
  • Most Important: The Couch – Your couch is going to arguably be the most important piece of furniture in any home you ever live in.
  • Aside from your bed, the couch will be where most of your time is spent. It will also be where guests sit. It’s one of the first things people notice when they enter a home.
  • Whether you have the budget for high-quality velvet, or want to get a basic leather couch, be sure to give your decision extra consideration.

Tips On Decorating Your New House

Everything is finally unpacked!


Now you can begin the process of turning your new house into your new home.

Decorating can be challenging, especially when all the background you may have is HGTV.

But we have some key things to keep in mind when it comes to decorating.

  • Clean and clear out clutter – even though you may have taken time in the beginning of the moving process to get rid of stuff, seeing it in your new house may make you aware of other things you needed to leave behind. 
  • Furniture – don’t buy everything you think you need at once, try setting your old furniture up in their new places.
  • Sometimes you may find that the size or style of that old dresser may not work in your new home, but at least you know you want to buy a new dresser over a brand-new bedroom suit. 
  • Understand the process – while you may be looking at your new home and seeing all the things you want to change, do one thing at a time.
  • If you really hate that green accent wall, spend some time deciding on a paint color you would like, and paint.
  • It’s important to remember that everything can be changed, but it can’t all be done in a weekend. Figure out your priorities and tackle one home project at a time. 
  • Spend some time on your bedroom – we spend a third of our lives in our bedroom, so make sure you give that room in your house the attention it deserves.
  • This does not mean it has to be magazine ready, but make sure it is enough to keep you comfortable and happy. 
  • Upgrade lighting and small fixtures for budget-saving remodeling. Sometimes something as simple as changing all the light bulbs or shower heads is enough to revamp an entire space.
  • Making small changes like these throughout your new home.
  • This can create such a difference but keeping your renovation budget on the lower end. 

It’s important to remember that just like at your previous home, decorating is going to take time. Some may argue that it will never be done, because our tastes and preferences will change overtime.

Not all projects will get finished on time, and your budget may change.

So, keep this in mind when you first move into your new home.

Everything you see can be changed to whatever vision you have – it’s just going to take time.

Setting realistic expectations and timelines will help you keep your sanity and may save you some sanity!

Completing My Home

On the surface this can seem like a lot of information to take in.

I agree to that especially if you’re about to make your first big move.

Don’t get overwhelmed!

Tackling any moving project in the same way like, you would eat an elephant: one bite at a time.

Just chip away little by little.

There are infinite directions you can take from moving to a new home. Similarly changing your current home, none of which are the wrong way.

This post should simply be a guideline to help you along the way.

Think of it as us telling you what to look for, but not what specifically to buy.

A certain direction to go, but not the only way to get there.

When it comes to turning your house into a place you are proud to call home.

There is no right or wrong decision!

However, a lack of experience or guidance can cause trouble down the line! One small mistake can snowball into a much bigger issue later on down the line.

Is Your Home Complete?

Whether you’re moving from one place to another, upgrading or changing your current home, or just in the market for something new. is going to be here to help you with tips, tricks, and product recommendations along the way.

As time goes by, you may need to replaced or upgrade some of your appliances.

Worst of all, some appliances broke on take for instance the toaster just failed to work this morning!

What does this mean for you?

Over time your family needs and requirements start changing and additional home appliances are needed.

Completing my home is here to lend a helping hand. More articles and reviews will be made as we widen our scope over time.

We welcome constructive suggestion and are more than happy to help

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