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Having a Breville Juicer as part of your kitchen gadgets is a great addition to your existing appliances and can be used to make an array of super tasty fruit and vegetable juice blends.

The Breville Juicer is one of the most popular juicers on the market today, so you’re in good company if you decide to buy this machine.

It’s also very easy to use and has several features that will appeal to anyone who likes making their own juices.

The Breville Juice Extractor has been designed with a simple design that makes it easy to clean and store away.

This juicer comes with its own storage container for storing all of your ingredients after they have been processed by the machine.

As well as being able to store your ingredients safely inside the juicer, you can also keep your ingredients fresh by adding ice cubes or water into the base of the machine before processing.

So, if you’ve taken the plunge and bought a Breville juicer, or you’re currently on the fence, in this article we will take a look at the features of this juicer, and how you can use it.

Let’s take a look!

How To Use Your Breville Juicer – A Step-By-Step Guide

Make Sure Your Machine Is Correctly Set Up

Before you start using your Breville juicer to make your delicious juices, it is imperative that every part of your juicer is set up correctly to avoid any accidents.

A Breville juicer consists of two parts: the base and the lid. The base holds the motor and the blades while the lid covers them.

The lid fits into the base and the bottom of the lid goes inside the middle of the base. The lid is held onto the base by a hinge on the side of the base.

When you raise the safety locking arm up, you need to lock it into the two slots on either side of the juicing cover.

The arm shouldn’t be in the vertical position and locked into place on the top of the juice cover (the arm needs to be horizontal).

The food pusher needs to slide down the food chute, aligned with the small protrusion in the top of the feed tube. You need to insert the pulp container into position, by tilting and lifting your motor base slightly.

Place the juice jug under the juicer, then cover the top of the jug with the lid before plugging it into a standard 110/ 120V wall outlet.

Now you can begin to use your juicer!

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STEP 1: Choosing The Right Ingredients For Your Juice Blend

Before starting any recipe, always check what type of fruit or vegetable you want to add to your drink. You should choose fruits and vegetables that are ripe and ready to eat.

If you don’t know whether something is ripe, then just give it a sniff to see if it smells sweet and juicy.

You should avoid using overripe fruits and vegetables because they tend to lose flavor when they go through the process of juicing.

It’s best to stick to fruits and vegetables that are still firm.

If you are unsure about the ripeness of your fruit or vegetable, you can always ask your local supermarket or health food shop to help you out.

They will be able to tell you which produce is at its peak of freshness.

Once you have chosen your ingredients, you need to chop them up into small pieces.

Try not to cut your fruit or veg too finely because this will mean that the juice won’t flow properly through the machine.

STEP 2: Adding Ice Cubes Or Water Into The Base Of The Machine

Once you have chopped up your ingredients, you need now to add them to the base of the Breville juicer.

Make sure that you fill the base of the machine with enough liquid to ensure that the machine runs smoothly.

STEP 3: Starting The Process

Now that you have everything prepared, start the juicing process by pressing the button on top of the machine.

This will begin the juicing process and allow the motor to turn the blades inside the machine. Once the blades have started turning, you should hear a whirring noise coming from the bottom of the machine.

This means that the blades are working hard and creating friction between the blades and the walls of the machine.

STEP 4: Storing Your Ingredients In The Container

After the juicing process is complete, you can remove the lid from the base of the machine and place your ingredients into the storage container.

The storage container is made from stainless steel so it doesn’t rust or corrode once it has been washed. It also helps to prevent cross-contamination during the juicing process.

The storage container is designed to hold around 12 cups of ingredients. So make sure that you only put in as much as you need for one serving of juice.

STEP 5: Enjoying Your Juice

When you are ready to enjoy your freshly blended juice, simply open the lid of the storage container and pour the juice into a glass.

Remember to stir the mixture before drinking it to ensure that all the ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the juice.

If you like the taste of your juice, you can store it in an airtight container in the fridge to enjoy later on!

How To Clean Your Breville Juicer

Juicing machines should be cleaned and rinsed right after each use. Cleaning the machine without cleaning the parts inside may cause damage to the internal parts.

To clean your juicer you should not use abrasive scouring pads or cleaners on either the motor base or jug as this could cause damage and will limit the lifespan of your juicer. Instead, use warm soapy water with a soft cloth on both the motor base and jug.

The filter bowl surrounding your juicer is dishwasher safe, but only on a standard wash cycle.

The stainless steel filter basket and the pulp container are also dishwasher safe, but only on a normal wash cycle. However, you can easily use hot soapy water and a cloth to clean your machine effectively.

By ensuring that your Breville juicer is cleaned thoroughly after each use, you will increase its lifespan and be able to make delicious juices for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Juicer

There are many benefits of using a juicer. One of the main reasons why people choose to buy a juicer is because they want to reduce their sugar intake.

By making fresh fruit and vegetable juice, you can get rid of most of the natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables.

Juicing is also a great way to increase your intake of fruit and vegetables in a quick and easy way. If you do not like the texture or consistency of raw fruit and vegetables, then juicing is a great alternative.

Are There Any Health Benefit In Making Fresh Fruit And Vegetable Juice

Yes, there is a health benefit in making fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

Not only do these juices provide you with lots of vitamins and minerals, but they also have very low calories.

What Is Breville’s Product Warranty?

All Breville® products have at least a one-year limited product warranty, valid from the date of purchase.

What If I Need A Replacement?

Should your Breville® product have a defect in product material or workmanship within the Warranty period, Breville® will arrange to have your original product returned, and either deliver an identical or comparable replacement to you, free of charge or look to have your product repaired.

What Is The Difference Between A Juicer And A Blender?

A juicer extracts the juice from the whole fruit or vegetable, whereas a blender breaks down the ingredients into smaller pieces.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from this article, adding a Breville juicer to your kitchen gadgets has many benefits and is super easy to use when you know-how.

As long as you follow our step-by-step guide to using your juicer correctly, and follow the cleaning guide listed, then you will have no issues in making delicious juices in no time!


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