How To Make Shaved Ice With A Blender

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On a hot summer’s day there is nothing better than laying back with a cold dessert to cool you off.

Instead of waiting around for the ice cream truck or traveling to the store to get yourself an ice pop, why not make something right in your kitchen!

In this article, we will be teaching you how to make shaved ice using a blender. After trying this, you will not want to go back.

What Is Shaved Ice?

Shaved ice is the best thing to have when you are looking to feel refreshed and hydrated. It is an ice-based dessert made from ice and flavored by syrups.

With this dessert, you can choose to add the syrup during the making process or drizzle on top afterwards, and it can be presented in a variety of colors.

Although very popular in the United States, this was not always the case. Shaved ice first originated in China before being imported by Japanese immigrants to America.

Nowadays, shaved ice is something loved in Hawaii and is an essential part of their culture.

This simple shaved ice has grown into something much bigger and you can find people going out to get some or making it from the comfort of their home.

Making Shaved Ice

Making shaved ice is very easy to do and requires either a blender or shaved ice machine. With shaved ice, you are free to incorporate whatever fruits you desire to add a splash of fresh flavor to your dessert.

Because of this, this makes making the dessert a great activity for all the family to enjoy, especially the kids!

Here, we will be sharing a guide on how to make the best shaved ice with the simple blender.

Shaved Ice in Blender

How To Make Shaved Ice

You will need

  • Ice
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Lemon/lime juice
  • Fruit

Directions For Syrup

Clean Your Fruit

The first important step is to clean your fruit. When it comes to picking out your fruit, you have a multiple of options. Whether you opt for strawberries, pineapple, kiwi or orange, the choice is yours! Make sure to wash thoroughly under some clear tap water.

Blend Your Fruit

After your fruit has been cleaned, place them into a blender and blend until it is left pureed.

Cook In Saucepan

The next step is to take your saucepan and pour in the pureed fruit, adding in water, sugar and lemon or lime juice.

On a medium heat, stir this until it starts to boil. Once you see it start to boil, turn the heat down and allow it to simmer for 5 minutes.

Allow To Cool

Take your saucepan off the heat and allow this to cool down completely before using a strainer to remove any seeds.

From here, you can choose to use this syrup straight away or you can refrigerate.

Directions For Shaved Ice

Blend Your Ice

Take your ice and fill up your blender halfway. Blend this on high until it becomes shaven.


To serve, dish out the shaved ice into separate portioned bowls before adding your syrup over the top.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Shaved ice is of huge importance in Hawaii and has become a part of their culture ever since the dessert was introduced by Japan. To make shaved ice, the same rules apply as displayed above, however there are some certain ingredients you can add to bring the Hawaiian culture to your home.

  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Plum syrup
  • Pineapple cubes
  • Toasted coconut flakes
  • Mango syrup

Shaved Ice vs. Snow Cones: Is There a Difference?

Shaved Ice 2

If you are someone who gets confused between shaved ice and snow cones, this is not too much of a surprise.

In fact, this mix up is fairly common for the two each share very similar qualities. Not only are they both made from ice, but they look similar and are filled with flavored syrup.

So, does this mean they are the same?

The main difference between the two is the ice. Whilst shaved ice is comparable to snow (light, fluffy, fine), the ice within snow cones is much larger.

As well as this, their values differ too.

When we think about the snow cone, we reminisce back to our childhood for this is something we would have.

Shaved ice, on the other hand, is much higher in value and is something loved by children and adults alike. Shaved ice too has adapted.

Now, shaved ice offers extra toppings such as marshmallows, condensed milk and fruit and this is perceived as a great treat.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have delved into the world of shaved ice. Shaved ice is a delicious dessert, perfect for those long summer days.

They are the ideal dessert to cool you off and do so in a way ice cream can’t. What is even better is how simple they are to make.

All that is needed is ice, fruit of your choosing and a blender. As shaved ice is loved in Hawaii, why not add a Hawaiian spin to your ice dessert?

Combine tropical fruit flavors such as coconut, mango and pineapple and create a wonderful dessert for all to love.

Although it can be argued that shaved ice is unique, they are very similar to the snow cone and this can lead to some debate.

Because of their similarities, it is easy for people to mix the two up. They are both made from ice, are made similarly and are flavored with syrup.

The only thing which sets one apart from the other is the type of ice used and its value. So, is one better than the other?

Because of the similarities, it is hard to put one in front of the other but there is something great about shaved ice. It is authentic, refreshing and will leave you wanting more.

Shaved ice is something of great value and is something which will always be loved. Embrace this ice dessert by following our recipe and making one for yourself.


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