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Glass blenders are growing in popularity, and it’s no surprise that the market is providing a range of choices. From creating pureed baby food to soups and smoothies, it is worth comparing your options so that you can find the perfect blender for you and your household. 

Ensure that you are getting the best fit that allows you to combine food much easier than ever before.

Whether you are looking for a sturdier upgrade to your current blender, or if you want to find an ideal first blender, these are some of the best glass blenders on the market. 

Blenders are widely considered to be an essential appliance in many modern kitchens. Making it easier to combine ingredients in less time, creating your own dips and sauces, and of course smoothies is much more convenient and fast.

Make the most out of your blender by finding something that is highly durable, affordable, and versatile. 

We understand that everybody has different tastes and preferences, which is why we have outlined some of the top contenders for the best glass blender in 2022.

Make sure that you consider the following variants in order to decide which product would be the best fit for you.

#1 Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender

If you are looking for an affordable blender that is high in quality and value for money, the Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender has been made to an impressive standard considering its lower price range.

The blades can be made to work in two directions, which makes this a heavy duty blender that is perfect for crushing ice and smoothies. 

Another great thing about the Oster Reverse blender is that there is an impressive selection of replacement blades and accessories available to purchase.

This means that it can be used for a range of foods and drinks, and is less likely to go to waste. The base for this blender can be seen in black and silver, or red, which adds to the versatility and visual appeal overall. 

For a high quality product that is sure to hold its value, check out the Oster Reverse blender and the range of blades that can be purchased.

The additional blades make this blender more likely to stand the test of time and one of the best accessories for your kitchen. 

Because it is considered a budget option, there are certain shortcuts that have been taken with this product.

The Oster Reverse blender reaches high volumes when it is blending. This means that it would be less suitable for someone who enjoys a smoothie in the morning before the rest of your household wakes up. 

In spite of this, however, the Oster Reverse Crush blender has an impressive selection of features that make it stand out from other products within its price range.

For that reason, it is definitely worth seriously considering purchasing one of these glass blenders. It is also dishwasher safe, and offers users with seven speed settings to choose from. 


  • Two color options to fit your style and kitchen colors
  • Easy to find replacement parts
  • Seven speed settings to choose from
  • 3-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Backlit display makes it easier to see each setting and avoid pressing the wrong ones 


  • Can be a little challenging to assemble and figure out how this blender works, so it is definitely recommended that you thoroughly read the user manual and search for advice online before using this product

#2 Instant Pot Ace Nova Cooking Blender

For those who want a great all-round product which performs well and makes light work out of different foods and drinks that you want to blend, the Instant Pot Ace Nova Cooking Blender can be used for hot and cold ingredients.

This is because of the borosilicate glass jar that is extremely durable. 

It isn’t just the glass that is durable and heavy-duty, as the Ace Nova blender has a range of speeds to choose from.

Thanks to the eight stainless steel blades and powerful base for the glass container to sit on, customers don’t have to scrape down the sides each time. 

Another thing that makes the Ace Nova blender stand out is its smart touch programs that allow the machine to automatically adjust its settings based on the volume and contents that it is blending.

Not only that, but this product has the ability to heat food too. This makes it an ideal choice for hot and cold foods that you want to blend, such as soups and sauces. 

Unlike other blenders, the Ace Nova has been known to be more challenging to clean. Because of the shape of the jar and the overall design is not the most suitable for dishwasher cleaning.

Because of this, the Ace Nova can be purchased with a sterilizing agent in order to keep it clean and make the most out of the product experience. 


  • Ten speed settings to choose from, which allows you complete control over your food or drink preparation
  • This is a highly powerful piece of equipment that can even be used to create your own milk alternatives
  • Can easily be used to make soup and stews with one piece of equipment


  • Only available in one color, but silver and black are relatively timeless when it comes to kitchen appliances because they go with so many color schemes

#3 Ninja HB152 Foodi Heat iQ Blender

For those who want to prepare larger quantities of their favorite smoothies, milkshakes, or dips, it is important to find a blender that has a large capacity.

This makes it significantly easier to prepare meals ahead of time, or even host a cocktail night. 

The Ninja HB152 Foodi Heat iQ Blender has a total capacity of 64 oz which is one of the highest on the market for glass blenders.

Complete with twelve programmable settings and the ability to heat mixtures when necessary, this is a great addition to many kitchens and bars. It is versatile and stylish, thanks to its large glass pitcher that is non-stick by nature. 

Everyone will want to try your latest combinations with this blender. Another key feature of this product is the heated clean program, which makes the pitcher much easier to clean than some of its competitors. 


  • Recipe guide for inspiration and ideas is provided with the blender, which shows the complete range of ways you can use this product
  • The heating feature makes cooking significantly more simple, which can be ideal for someone who is less confident in the kitchen


  • Only available in one color, although black tends to fit in with most kitchen appliances
  • It is a little more expensive than other blenders, but it is definitely worth the price considering the range of uses that this product provides
  • There is no touchscreen control option, however the display on the front of this particular blender is easy to follow and select the desired program

#4 KitchenAid KSB1332YBM K150 Blender

An ideal choice for someone who lives alone, or who does not want to purchase a blender with a larger capacity is the KitchenAid KSB1332YBM K150 Blender with a 48 oz capacity.

The blending jar itself can be used to hold your smoothie, juice, or whatever you prefer when you are heading out the door. 

Thanks to the high amount of engineering and research that has gone into this product’s development, the KitchenAid blender is considerably quieter than other brands, which means that it will not disturb your neighbors or partner if you are an early riser.

Enjoy an iced coffee or frappuccino without the excessive price tag with this glass blender. 

This product also stands out because it can be used to finely chop vegetables, herbs, and other ingredients. It is much more than just a blender, and it can easily be used to save a great deal of time and energy when you are cooking. 

Choosing a smaller blender can be ideal for those who live alone, or people who find it more challenging to exercise portion control.

Ensure that you are not creating too much of something by using a smaller blender. This can help you to stop eating or drinking when you are full, rather than waiting until everything is finished. 

Another benefit of these blender containers is that they are a little easier to keep clean on a regular basis. There have been very few issues with placing the jar in the dishwasher, which makes it one of the easiest glass blending containers to keep clean and sanitized consistently. 


  • Six color options, which makes it easier to find a finish that works well with your style
  • Stainless steel blades make light work out of most ingredients
  • Soft start feature prevents excessive amounts of splatter and mess
  • Self-cleaning feature also helps prevent additional mess, and ensures that everything is as hygienic as is can be


  • Tamper is not included in the purchase, but they are relatively affordable if you need one
  • Only three speed settings, but that is arguably all you need for a range of food preparation and drinks

# 5 Hamilton Beach SoundShield 5-Speed Blender

For those that want to experience something a little more luxurious, then it could be worth weighing out your options in order to decide what would be the most suitable for you and the rest of your household.

The Hamilton Beach SoundShield 5-Speed Blender fits the definition of a high-end blender due to its higher price, and huge range of additional features. 

Frozen ingredients or those that generate higher volumes when they are being blended can easily be combined without having to worry about the noise level.

Thanks to the extra layer around the glass container that helps muffle some of the sound generated, the Hamilton Beach is a great blender for a range of foods and textures. 

The glass container is also ideal for mixing smoothies and cocktails, as it has an easy pouring spout that is drip-free.

Another feature of this blender is the additional to-go cup which can actually be attached to the blender mechanism itself.

This means that you can create the perfect amount of iced coffee, smoothie, or juice that you can take with you anywhere. 

It is easy to switch between the glass container and the single portion bottle that comes with this blender, which makes it extremely convenient and easy to fit into your busy lifestyle.

The main thing to be aware of with this blender is that the sound muffler does not completely silence it when the blender is working.

Of course, it will make some amount of noise because of this, although it is notably quieter than many other high quality blenders. 


  • Safe for dishwasher cleaning, which makes it ideal for everyday use
  • Glass and travel jar included in initial purchase
  • Stainless steel blades have been used to make light work out of ice crushing and other tougher ingredients
  • Highly powerful blender for a range of foods and drinks


  • The sound proofing feature does not completely work, and some level of noise is still present when this product is being used. However, it is still significantly quieter than most blenders, which is something that really helps this product stand out from the rest 

Buyer’s Guide – What Makes A Good Blender?

Make sure you are spending your money on something that works best for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

This could mean that you choose a smaller blender that is more portable or easier to take with you on a busy day, whereas others may prefer to purchase a blender with a higher total capacity. 

2022 Blender Review - Best Glass Blender (1)

One of the main things that contributes to a high quality blender is the strength of the blades.

This can help you determine whether a particular product is right for you, because sharp blades that are made with reinforced stainless steel are more likely to last through regular use and make light work out of tough materials than regular blades. 

Make sure you are looking out for trustworthy brands, as these will be more likely to offer warranties and replacement parts when you need them.

Consider the additional features that are included in your purchase too, because you may find that the option of a portable pitcher is more important than a choice of different lids.

It is also worth thinking about what you plan on using the blender for. For example, do you want to prepare hot food there such as soup?

Or would you like something that works best with colder drinks and foods, like ice cream or smoothies. 

A range of speed options and easy-to-follow dials or buttons is another key variable to be aware of before purchasing a blender.

This is because you will need to find something that you find the easiest to operate without additional challenges. Some products are a little more complicated to use, and need additional programming in order to generate the right results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use A Glass Blender?

In comparison to blenders with reinforced plastic containers or jars, glass blenders have much less discoloration and staining, regardless of the type of food that is put inside them.

Glass also has a higher resistance to heat than plastic due to the higher melting point. Because of this, it is easier to create healthy soups and other blended or pureed foods that are full of flavor from home.

This means that it is easier to experiment with different foods and flavors without worrying about the integrity of your blender and whether it can withstand certain ingredients.

One of the biggest drawbacks that glass blenders have is that they are less flexible and much heavier than plastic.

This makes them more prone to breaking if they are dropped. However, more and more people are trying to avoid bringing more plastic into their home, so it could be worth investing in a shatterproof glass that is suitable for you and your household. 

Many glass blender users also prefer the sturdier feel that the jars have which is unlike the lightweight plastic counterparts.

Because of the reinforced material, glass jars definitely have a vintage feel to them, which is ideal for someone who wants to create a timeless look to their kitchen. 

Can I Replace My Current Blender’s Container With A Glass One?

It depends on the brand of your current blender, and it is worth contacting the manufacturer before doing so. In some cases, everything will fit together well and you will be able to benefit from a glass blender without spending too much on a new mechanism.

However, it isn’t worth it in some cases when you could just purchase a new blender altogether. Avoid doing this if you aren’t sure, because it can damage the glass container and your original blender if they do not fit well together. 

Can I Make Almond Milk In A Glass Blender?

Absolutely, there is no reason why not. When it comes to making nut milk using a blender, it’s more important to use a powerful mechanism with a great deal of speed.

Glass containers are a little more durable than plastic, which could be an advantage when you are making nut milk.

However, the most important thing is the amount of power that your blender has. This can determine how grainy it will be, and the overall texture of the nut milk. Remember to soak the nuts overnight before blending them in order to get the best results. 

Are Plastic Blender Pitchers Bad?

No, but they tend not to last as long as glass containers. This is mainly because they can absorb small amounts of the food over time, which makes it challenging to completely clean.

You may find yourself having to replace your plastic container more often, which is why we would recommend investing in a high quality glass blender that is much easier to retain the overall quality and transparent appearance.

Plastic can also contain trace amounts of BPA, which can have a damaging effect on someone’s health overall. As a general rule, it is recommended that you avoid this by choosing glass as a blender container. 


There are so many different qualities of glass blenders that it can be difficult to find the right one for you. Make sure you are making the right choice for your lifestyle, and that you find a blender that ticks all of your boxes. 

Hot and cold options, different speed settings, and ease of cleaning are all factors worth considering when you are searching for the right glass blender.

Glass blenders have a vintage look to them that adds a timeless touch to any kitchen. They are much easier to clean than plastic, so are definitely worth giving a try.

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