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Harold Ho
Harold Ho Owner Of Completing My Home

My name is Harold Ho, owner of Completing My Home. Welcome to our site! I’d like to explain a little bit about us and why we’re here.

First, a few notes about our personal history. Not too long ago our family decided to move into a condominium. For some people, that might seem kinda odd – moving from a larger place to a smaller place.

So why did we do it?

Well, our house was old. I mean more than fifty years – half a century! It was in dire need of repairs, more like a major renovation. This was something we weren’t prepared to tackle.

Instead, we decided to commit all our resources to looking for a new place where we could start fresh again. We soon discovered that it’s better to do your research and give some thoughts to suggestions from others before making such a huge change.

Then we thought, “Hey! We could turn this around and help others in a similar situation!”

Knowing Us Can Help You Make Decisions Easier

Ultimately, once you decide on moving, you’re sure to need movers and planners to assist in your project. In fact before you even move in, you will be thinking about what you want in your new home.

Can you bring everything – from knick knacks to major appliances – from your old place to your new home? Will everything fit into your new home from your previous place?

You have to make decisions about some basics, like your furniture and bedding, right from the start. Will you be buying new ones or moving the old ones in?

It largely depends on your budget and your tastes. We can assure you, based on our own move, that not everything you want will work in your new place.

At Completing My Home, we’ll provide you with home reviews of appliances and household products that you’ll want to consider for a new home, just as we did. From time to time, we’ll also give you tips on caring for your household products.

We’re not here to try to force you to buy a product we review or recommend. We simply want to give you the knowledge you’re looking for to make an informed decision before you buy.

We’ll show you the benefits (and any downsides) of a product and let you make up your own mind from there, based on that budget and those tastes we mentioned earlier.

So, keep our experiences in mind as you navigate Completing My Home. We think we’ll be able to guide you toward making the wisest choices possible.

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