15 Healthy Homemade Juicing Recipes To Try In 2022

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Apple juice can be a highly refreshing beverage on a hot day, but why should you stop there? If you have a blender or juicing equipment in your kitchen, then there is nothing stopping you from experimenting with new combinations of ingredients.

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You can choose to utilize fruits, berries, and vegetables growing near your home, or play around with adding different herbs to your juice. The great thing about making your own juices is that the possible combinations are endless.

From adjusting the ingredients to make the required portions, to finding unique fruits to add that you may not have heard of before. Juicing can be a great way of keeping yourself motivated to integrate healthier foods into your diet consistently.

Because the ingredients are blended together to create a smooth juice, it could be a great option for those who lead busy lifestyles and struggle eating their five-a-day.

Juicing can be integrated into your weekend prep for the week ahead, by preparing a unique juice for each day and adding it to your lunches or snacks to take out the door.

Alternatively, the same juice can be made in larger quantities so that you don’t have to purchase as many varied ingredients. The great thing about juicing is that it can be as complicated or simple as you like.

There isn’t particularly a right or wrong way to enjoy new and unique flavor combinations when you are making juices for yourself.

Health Benefits Of Juicing

Health Benefits Of Juicing

If you find yourself struggling to add more nutrient rich foods to your diet, then juicing can be a great way of getting more fruits and vegetables into your body on a regular basis. This is because juice doesn’t need as much effort to consume.

Multiple portions of nutrient-rich vegetables are combined into one liquid that is both easy and convenient to drink.

Juicing is an excellent way of boosting your immune system and protecting the body from diseases. This is mainly due to the range of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that juicing can introduce into your system.

Homemade Juices

Because it is so challenging to get enough nutrients from fruits and vegetables, store bought smoothies and juices can be a convenient alternative. Unfortunately, these can have a substantial amount of added sugars and sweeteners. This makes these beverages far less nutritious than you may think.

Consider making your own juices so that you can control all the ingredients added as well as how they taste. Homemade juices allow you to add sugars or sweeteners if you want to without overdoing it. This can be a useful way to ensure you are not dampening the effects of the nutritional ingredients added.

Weight Loss

Additionally, there is the possibility of seeing some weight loss when you begin juicing more frequently. This is because some juices can satisfy cravings and make your stomach feel fuller for longer.

Some people have even created juice detoxes or cleansing diets, as a way of boosting their metabolism. It can allow you to reset your bodily functions, improve gut health, and force the body to start healing itself over time.

Energy Levels

Another potential health benefit of juicing is that your energy levels are likely to increase. This is because a cup of juice once a day or several times during the week could be used as a vitamin boost instead of your favorite caffeinated beverage.

The addition of more nutrients from juicing on a regular basis can benefit your concentration levels, energy throughout the day, or helping your body reach its full potential and function more efficiently.

Essential Vitamins

You will be surprised by how much better your body and mind can feel when you swap some of your regular coffee with juice. For a higher boost in energy, consider integrating vegetables and ingredients into your blend of juice that are high in B vitamins.

Similarly, it is worth integrating leafy greens and other vegetables that are a vitamin C-rich into your regular juices. This can allow the body to recharge and cleanse. The antioxidants can also significantly reduce inflammation and make certain organs work more efficiently.

Limitations Of Juicing

On the other hand, there are some limitations that juicing can have. For example, it can contain fewer health benefits than smoothies or eating the fruits and vegetables whole. This is because juicing machines tend to remove the leftover pulp and solids from the end product.

If you want to get as many nutrients as possible, it could be worth blending rather than juicing your ingredients. This will promote more fiber and phytonutrients into your diet, which are great for your gut health. With that said, juicing is still a great way of adding more fruit and vegetables into your diet if this is something that you struggle with.

15 Healthy Homemade Juicing Recipes To Try In 2022

15 Healthy Homemade Juicing Recipes

There are so many types of juices to choose from, that it can be challenging to know where to start. From ideal detox juices to pitchers full of tasty drinks that can be shared with friends and family, the possibilities are endless.

Because of this, some of the best healthy homemade juicing recipes have been highlighted in the list below. Consider purchasing a high quality blender or juicing machine if you haven’t already, because it is bound to make your life a lot easier to make your own juice drinks.

Celery Juice

Celery Juice

One of the best juices that you can make for a detox and as a way to replenish your energy levels is celery juice. There are a huge number of health benefits that come from consuming celery on a regular basis.

You can prepare this in bulk so that you have celery juice on the go, or make each portion when you want some. Thanks to the high water content, celery juice can be used for hydration as well as promoting a healthy gut.

If you are looking to add more of the antioxidants luteolin and apigenin into your diet, it could be worth making your own celery juice. If you have a juicer, feed one bunch of washed celery stems that have been cut off the base into the machine. Then, you can drink your juice straight away, or within two days.

For those that do not own a juicer, the stems will need to be cut into smaller pieces before placing into a blender with ¼ cup of water. Then, you can place the lid on the blender and combine until smooth.

The key to making juice rather than a smoothie is to feed the liquid through a nut milk bag or cheese cloth and squeeze out the juice from the solids.

Celery is known for having a distinct taste, which doesn’t always agree with everybody’s preferences. It could be worth adding a small section of ginger root to your celery juice, or fresh mint, as a way of adjusting the taste and making it more palatable.

Carrot, Pineapple, And Ginger Juice

Carrot, Pineapple And Ginger Juice

Another tasty juice combination that would be an excellent addition to a detox diet is carrot, pineapple, and ginger juice. There is an interesting combination of flavors that come from the heat of the ginger and the sweetness of the carrot. Not to mention, the tangy pineapple.

Feed 7-9 large carrots into your juicer once they have been thoroughly cleaned. Then, you can feed about one cup of pineapple. This can be fresh, canned, or frozen, depending on what is available to you. You can then add a one-inch knob of ginger into the mix.

If you do not have a juicer, then you can combine the ingredients into a blender and strain, as is seen in the celery juice recipe. This juice will make around two portions, and you can change the amount added or any additional flavors in order to make a custom juice based on your preferences.

Watermelon Juice

Watermelon Juice

For a refreshing and hydrating juice, watermelon juice is a great option. Whether you want to make this your go-to, or if you are looking for ways of making healthy popsicles, watermelon juice is a tasty drink for a range of uses.

You can freeze watermelon juice into ice cube trays to add to summer drinks or cocktails. Alternatively, make them into tasty frozen treats for yourself or your kids on a hot summer day. To make watermelon juice, you can blend one half of a small, sweet watermelon with pieces of a lime.

If you are feeding a crowd, feel free to blend the whole watermelon in chunks and discard the rind. Then, you can strain the juice if seeds have gotten into the mix, or if you want your watermelon to be smoother. Serve this chilled in a large pitcher, or pour onto ice.

This makes for a tasty base for tequila, rum, or your favorite spirit if you choose. As well as lime, it could be worth adding a few fresh mint leaves for even more refreshing flavor.

Super Powered Orange Juice

Super Powered Orange Juice

This is a well-balanced beverage which is perfect for a refreshing drink during breakfast. Give yourself a little boost with a glass of super powered orange juice.

To make this, add a quarter cup of orange juice, 3tbsp lemon juice, one small nectarine, one small apple, 1 tbsp fresh ginger, 4-6 carrots, and 3-4 sprigs of fresh mint to your juicer or blender before adding 1-2 cups of water and combining.

This will make around 2 ½ cups of juice, and it could be worth leaving out certain fruits in order to reduce the total sugar content. Make sure you are chilling this juice, as it is best served when it is cold or poured over ice.

Regardless of how you decide to make it, this juice is a great way of boosting your immune system and waking up your body in the morning.

Lemon, Turmeric, And Ginger Wellness Juice Shots

Lemon, Tumeric And Ginger Wellness Juice Shots

You may have noticed these small bottles of immune system boosting natural shots on the shelves of health stores and supermarkets. However, they are surprisingly easy to make from home without having to spend excessive amounts of money.

These can be given out as healthy shots that will boost your immune system and fill your body with antioxidants. Some people even like to give these out as mocktails. It is not recommended that you freeze these shots, as they tend to lose some of their flavors.

To make these wellness juice shots, add one small peeled orange, two small peeled lemons, ¼ cup of chopped fresh turmeric, and ¼ cup of fresh ginger into your juicer or blender.

Then, you can turn on the juicer or blender, and add a little water if the mixture is not combining well. Strain the juice through a nut milk cloth or anything that you don’t mind staining with turmeric.

Then, your juice is ready to serve! Carefully pour into chilled shot glasses to share with your friends, and top each serving with freshly cracked black pepper. The leftover solid pulp can be added to ice cube trays for future use in smoothies, or composted.

Adding a little olive oil or any other fat can also be useful for helping the body absorb turmeric more efficiently. Consider adding ¼ tsp oil to your wellness shots for even more benefits to your immune system.

Beet Juice

Beet Juice

If you want something that will stand out in color as well as taste, then beet juice could be the recipe for you. Beets are great ways to kick-start your immune system, because they contain high amounts of vitamin B9.

This is essential for cell growth, and beets are considered a superfood due to their role in controlling damage to blood vessels. In turn, this can reduce the risk of more severe cardiovascular conditions, including stroke and heart attack.

To make around four cups of nutritious and tasty beet juice, add two chopped green apples, two chopped beet bulbs, and two chopped carrots into a blender or juicer, with two cups of water. Then, add 7 strawberries.

The next ingredients to add are two peeled clementines, and a small piece of fresh ginger that has been peeled. Once everything is added, you can squeeze the juice of one lemon into the mix before blending on high for one minute, or until the mixture appears smooth.

Then, you can strain using a nut milk bag or cheese cloth to separate the pulp and get a smooth, tasty juice at the end. Enjoy this naturally sweetened juice that won’t have an overpowering beet flavor on a hot day. This has the power to convert the most adamant beet hater into a lover.

Vitamin Boost Juice

Vitamin Boost Juice

For another highly tasty juice that has a huge selection of health benefits, this vitamin boost juice is perfect. There are no additional sweeteners in this juice, which makes it an ideal source of essential vitamins and minerals needed for regular bodily functions.

It isn’t just the bright orange color that makes this juice feel healthy. To make this vitamin boost juice, add one chopped carrot, one peeled orange, one chopped and peeled green apple, three kale leaves, one cup of baby spinach, half a peeled lemon, and ¼ teaspoon of ginger into a blender or juicer.

If you use a blender, add two cups of water to the mixture before pulsing and straining. This will make around two glasses in total, and it is worth adapting the quantities if you want to make more at once. For a complete boost, it could be worth adding a pinch of turmeric to the mixture if you like.

Apple, Carrot And Ginger Juice

Apple, Carrot And Ginger Juice

This is one of the simplest juice recipes to make. There are only three ingredients needed that combine to create a tasty, well-rounded, healthy energy boost. Consider this as a coffee replacement throughout the day if you want to integrate more antioxidants, fiber, and naturally occurring vitamins into your diet.

If you have a juicer, add one large apple that has been cored and quartered, one large carrot cut into five pieces, one inch chunk of fresh ginger that has been peeled to the container.

Alternatively, you can add these ingredients to a blender with half a cup of water before pulsing. Then, strain through a cheese cloth before serving the juice with ice.

The great thing about this recipe is that the ingredients are available most of the year. This means that you can give your body a little boost whenever you feel like it. It is certainly worth keeping the supplies on hand for when you want to make this juice.

Pineapple And Celery Green Juice

Pineapple And Celery Green Juice

Individuals who want to work on their digestive system and improve their gut health should drink this pineapple and celery green juice frequently. It is full of antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties, which are ideal for regulating bodily functions and promoting healing.

To make two cups of this juice, feed a one-inch piece of peeled ginger root into a juicer with one cup of curly parsley. Then, add 1 ½ cup of pineapple, five stalks of celery, half a cucumber, and one peeled lemon.

You can achieve similar results using a blender. The mixture will simply need to be strained using cheese cloth, or a nut bag in order to separate the juice from the pulp left behind. Pineapple has a sharpness which cuts through the parsley and ginger root well.

It is this that makes it a tasty and well-rounded juice, which is a favorite for many as a detox method, or simply as a healthy snack. The high water content of these ingredients doubles as an excellent way of hydrating you, as well as nourishing your body and promoting healthy digestion.

Green Juice

Green Juice

Green juice is widely considered to be the ultimate diet food because of its healthy appearance, and the detoxing properties. As well as a huge amount of fiber and vitamins that this juice provides, green juice is highly versatile. This is because it can be made using whatever ingredients you have on hand at the time.

To your juicer or blender, add one large cucumber, one bunch of celery that has been roughly chopped, two roughly chopped green apples into the main container.

For those using a blender, add half a cup of water before pulsing. Once everything has been strained, you can squeeze the juice of one lemon into the combination before pouring onto ice.

Some people prefer to keep things simple and prepare this recipe in bulk so that they can have a small glass once a day, while others enjoy adding different ingredients to see how it affects the taste. For example, you could add a large bunch of kale leaves to deepen the color of your green juice.

Some people also like to add a handful of fresh parsley or mint for a refreshing final touch. Pineapple, spinach, and fresh ginger are also great additions to this juice, because they complement each other well when they are blended together.

Blood Orange Juice

Blood Orange Juice

For a tangy and refreshing taste that is a little different from many other types of juices, this blood orange juice has a range of anti-inflammatory properties as well as high vitamin C content.

You can enjoy blood orange juice with plenty of ice for a refreshing beverage whenever you like. Thanks to the red pigment, the appearance and taste of blood orange juice is not dissimilar to pink lemonade.

If you want to make the drink a little cozier, you can boil four cups of water with a cinnamon stick. Let it cool for at least ten minutes. The next step is to juice enough blood oranges to fill one cup without the seeds, this is usually around five blood oranges.

Then, juice around three lemons, or enough to get ½ cup of juice. Combine the two in a jar with a little honey or sweetener of your choice. Then you can add the cinnamon water and stir until everything has been combined. Serve this over ice after refrigerating for one hour.

Strawberry Juice

Strawberry Juice

Another tasty juice that is bound to be a favorite for young and old during the warmer months is strawberry juice. There are a range of unique health benefits that these juicy berries possess, and it is no wonder why they have been used in a range of beverages and juice-based drinks.

To make strawberry juice, blend half a pound of fresh strawberries with the stem removed in a blender or food processor before straining to remove the seeds. Then combine 1 ½ cups of sugar with 2 cups water in a saucepan over medium heat.

Wait for the mixture to boil, and wait for the sugar to dissolve. Then, leave to cool until it reaches room temperature. To prepare the pitcher, squeeze 1 ½ cups of lemon juice, before straining into a two quart pitcher with simple syrup and the puréed strawberries.

Once this has been stirred well, you can chill the pitcher until it is cold to the touch. When you want to serve, you can add 2 ½ cups cold water to the pitcher before stirring. Serve with ice on a hot day for a tasty and refreshing juice drink.

Hot Pink Juice Drink

Similar to green juice, this drink has a unique appearance, which comes from the vivid pink color of the beets. Not only that, but it is an incredibly tasty and refreshing drink that works as a nutritious breakfast, mid-afternoon snack, or as an addition to any meal.

To make this drink, add two beets, three carrots, one lemon, one apple, five kale leaves, four celery stalks, and one inch chunk of ginger to a juicer. This is a simple yet effective and delicious way of getting more fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins into your diet.

This juice drink is as much a feast for the eyes as it is on the taste buds. It is also far cheaper and healthier than the pink drink from Starbucks! You can serve this over ice or blend ice into the drink for a thicker texture.

Kiwi Agua Fresca

Kiwi Aqua Fresca

This is an excellent drink that you can bring to a potluck, barbecue, or picnic, as it will refresh everybody and feel like a tasty treat. Adults and children are bound to love the tangy yet satisfying taste of the kiwi agua fresca, and it is definitely worth giving it a try.

Even if you prepare a pitcher of this drink for yourself and your family to enjoy on a particularly hot day, the kiwi agua fresca recipe deserves to be shared. The beauty of this traditional Mexican drink is that it should not be strained at all. There are different textures within the tangy beverage that are part of the appeal.

To make the kiwi agua fresca, add 7-8 peeled kiwis that have been quartered into a blender. Then, add six cups of water with your sweetener of choice before combining. Adjust to your preferred taste, and pour into glasses or a pitcher with ice and a thin slice of kiwi or a mint leaf for garnish.

Mango Spinach Juice

Mango Spinach Juice

Finally, the mango spinach juice is an excellent drink for any time of the year. Thanks to the baby spinach, there is a bright green color to this beverage, which can intrigue and excite children and adults. It is an incredibly healthy drink that is full of essential vitamins to maintain a healthy diet.

To make this tasty green drink, add the following into a blender; one cup of frozen or fresh mango chunks, half a cup of baby spinach, the juice of one navel orange, the juice of half a lime, seven fresh mint leaves, and 1 ½ cups of water.

Then, you can start blending on the lowest setting before gradually increasing the speed in steady increments until you are at the highest setting on your blender. Your mango drink is done when it looks and tastes smooth and creamy. 



There are an enormous amount of juice recipes to choose from that can refresh your body and provide you with many essential nutrients and vitamins. Consider a juice-based detox as a way of resetting your metabolism and improving your gut health. Our bodies require a balanced, varied diet with plenty of colors and food groups.

There is a complex interaction that each food consumed has on the rest of the body, and it could be worth paying attention to how certain food groups make you feel. If you want to protect yourself from flu season, or if you are looking for new ways of integrating more fruits and vegetables into your diet, then it could be worth making your own juices.

Make sure you have a high quality blender and plenty of cheese cloth or nut milk bags. These are essential for creating smooth tasting juices that are high in nutrients. Removing the pulp can get rid of some essential vitamins and fiber, but your body will benefit from the juices consumed regardless.

Alternatively, it could be worth purchasing a high quality juicing machine. This can motivate you to keep making your own juices, and to develop a healthier routine in the long run. It is recommended that you find organic ingredients where possible, and that you are sourcing your fruits and vegetables locally.

If you are considering using juices as a detox method, it could be worth speaking with your doctor beforehand. This can allow you to understand some risks and potential side effects that you can experience.

It is also recommended that you speak with a doctor if you are suffering from a chronic health condition before starting a juice detox. The great thing about these juice drinks is that you are in control of the texture, sweetness, and more. Have a little fun with it and play around with different combinations!


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